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How Keeping A Journal On A Computer Is Better Than Writing It?


Nowadays, most people have a habit of writing a journal. They like to record their day-to-day activities, memorable moments, views related to specific events, and many more things. Today with the changing scenario, everything has shifted to digital form.

Keeping the journal in writing is very old-fashioned and also very risky. Now you can keep the journal on a computer by making different folders. It is the safest and secure way to keep your personal information.

There is a lot of difference between keeping a journal on a computer or in writing. Let us discuss them one by one in detail:

Safe and secure

In the journal, you write some memorable moments or feelings and emotions, and you don’t want anybody to read your journal. But is it safe to keep your journal at home? Of course, your siblings will never let you keep some secrets. Some sort of fear is always there in your mind that anybody can read your journal.

By keeping the journal on a computer, there is not any chance that anyone can read it. Because while keeping a journal on a computer, you can set a password which only you know. Therefore, it keeps your personal things safe and secure.

All information in one place

In a handwritten journal, you sometimes write anywhere when thoughts come to your mind. Sometimes, we write it on a single paper or an envelope, and through this, there are greater chances of reading your personal writings by anyone. There are also the chances that your paper might get lost.

A computer provides you with software where you can keep all your details, your ideas, and thoughts, or whatever comes to your mind in one place. Keeping a journal on a computer can help you to find the events easily as all the information is available in a single place.

Loss of data

If you are right and keeping your things adequately and effectively, then keeping journals in the form of writing is the right option for you. If you are not a responsible person and have a habit of forgetting things, keeping the journals in written form is not the right decision for you.

A person who has a habit of forgetting things or have a busy schedule can keep a journal on a computer. Here all the data will be available in one place, and there is no chance for losing the data as the software keeping it is very safe and secure.


Finally, every option has its pros and cons, but it depends on you to choose the option that is more suitable for you. By considering these points, as mentioned above, you can easily choose the best option for you. Both options have their own advantages, but keeping a journal on a computer is the safest and secure option. As in this option, there are significantly fewer chances of losing your personal writings.

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